Spooky Pizza Combos

Spooky Pizza Combos

Does your stomach churn at the sight of your friend devouring a pineapple and anchovy pizza? Well, if that combination makes you feel sick, it is a good thing you live in the US because some favorite pizza combinations from around the world are downright scary. Here are eight favorite pizza toppings you may think are strange, but the rest of the world really enjoys!  

Pizza Toppings That May Give You Nightmares

BBQ Eel and Mushroom Pizza. The next time you are in a pizza shop in Japan, don’t be too surprised to find someone chowing down on a slice of this pizza which swaps miso paste for everyday tomato sauce and then tops it with mozzarella, barbecued eel, mushrooms, scallions and broccolini.

Poutine Pizza. Our neighbors to the north do things just a bit differently. You may already know that Canadians have a thing for poutine, a combination of french fries and cheese curds topped with beef gravy. Canadians love poutine so much that they decided it would make a good topping for pizza.

Banana Curry Pizza. Sweden may not come to your mind when you think about countries known for pizza. Depending on how adventurous you are, that is probably not going to change. For some reason, Swedes have developed a real fondness for a pizza combines curried banana with ham.

Shrimp and Coconut Pizza. In the United States, you are likely to see shredded coconut used as a topping for a cake or cookies in a bakery. But in Costa Rica, pizza parlors are buying shredded coconut to serve their customers who just can’t get enough of shrimp and coconut pizza.

Full English Breakfast Pizza. Breakfast has always been the best meal in the UK. It is no wonder that an inspired chef created a full English breakfast which features sausage, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans and black pudding (that’s a kind of sausage made out of congealed blood) topped with a fried egg.

Poutine Pizza. Our neighbors to the north do things just a bit differently. You may already know that Canadians have a thing for poutine, a combination of french fries and cheese curds topped with beef gravy.

Green Peas Pizza. Green peas on a pizza? That doesn’t seem so strange. But in Brazil, if you order a vegetarian pizza with green peas and you can’t speak Portuguese, you better have someone translate for you, or you may end up with carrots, raisins and quail eggs alongside your peas.

Haggis Pizza. Oh, haggis. Most people hate it and a few people love… wait, forget about that. No one loves haggis. But on Burns Night (where Scots celebrate the poet Robert Burns) haggis, a boiled sheep’s stomach filled with offal and oatmeal makes its way onto pizza in the UK.

Mayo Jaga Pizza. People in Japan always do things their own way. Often this turns out well. Just look at sushi. But then there are missteps like mayo jaga pizza which combines potatoes with hot mayonnaise. Sorry, I think I will stick with my maki roll.

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