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Our philosophy on franchising is similar to our food philosophy… fresh, organic, and local. Like the ingredients that go into our pizzas, we have the freshest fast-casual pizza stores around, with a fresh look, cool vibe, and contemporary feel. Like our organic topping options, we have an organic interest in our franchises, as is demonstrated through our unwavering support of entrepreneurs who have a passion for our product and their sights on success. And like our locally sourced produce, each local franchisee lives, works, and plays in and around the community they serve.

V3 Pizza was developed by Ablak Holdings. This new fast casual specialty pizza shop is for dine-in or carry-out. Each customized, handcrafted flatbread pizza provides total customer customization with a choice of dough and sauce, teamed up with unlimited toppings, and individually completed with seasonings, finishes, and oils; all for one low price.

The company has 30-years experience in managing franchises in food businesses with sister brands Vocelli Pizza, Sincerely Yogurt, Tulumba, and Zing Basket. Utilizing upscale branding using the three V’s, Veni, Vidi, Vici, this Latin phrase, popularly attributed to Julius Caesar, transforms the fast-casual concept with V3 earning the claim, 'I came, I saw, I conquered'.


  • Each pizza has a short, 180 second cooking time, so service is quick and efficient.
  • Our fast casual is really fast.
  • Competitive advantage is unique theme and branding, high quality recipes, fresh ingredients, and efficient operational model.
  • Gluten-free options abound from crust to finishes.
  • Beer and wine service is an option targeted to a more upscale customer and the dinner dining customer.


The pizza industry is very mature with little growth. Pizza chains continue to grow at the expense of independent operators. New studies show the hardcore pizza fan is a health-conscious woman from 25 to 44. Industry experts predict the chains that will flourish will offer the products that appeal to this demographic. These customers have become more aware of health hazards related to trans fats, excessive salt, and artificial food coloring. Gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options are becoming increasingly important to these customers.


Our ideal franchise candidate will have restaurant experience with a customer first mentality, take pride in ownership, be a team builder, a stickler for detail and cleanliness, and embody and inspire a strong work ethic working in the business. Owners without restaurant experience must hire a General Manager that has restaurant experience.


V3 Pizza offers product quality that is superior to competing brands. The V3 Pizza franchise was developed by pizza franchise industry veterans with multiple brands in the food sector. Owners focus on local store marketing and community involvement.


Regardless of your background and experience, we'll help make sure you're prepared for success. There are two aspects of the business to learn: the office and administration and the store operations. Office and administration training will be at our Franchise Support Center in Pittsburgh. The store operations training will be at certified V3 Pizza training store.


The initial investment range to open a V3 Pizza restaurant is $292,900 to $412,400.

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