Veni Vidi Vici

What may be the most interesting story behind V3 is the entire premise behind the name itself.

"Veni Vidi Vici", famously quoted by Julius Caesar, means "I came, I saw, I conquered". The phrase is used to refer to a swift, conclusive victory which came from his success in the Battle of Zela again Pharnaces II of Pontus around 47 BC.

This quote is more intentional than meets the eye:

"VENI", or "I came", alludes to the warm, welcoming atmosphere each and every one of our customers experiences upon entering our store.  V3 is not your average pizzeria, as one will immediately notice our warm-toned color theme, and zesty smells coming from the wide-open kitchen area. Our walls are mbellished with a multitude of high-spirited imagery, adding to our theme of adventure, experience, and triumph.

"VIDI", or "I saw", refers to customers as their eyes widen upon gazing at pizza make-line. A wide array of organic, Gluten-Free and local-toppings is presented right before their eyes, as the flatbread possibilities are endless. One will also see that V3 uses top-of-the-line kitchen equipment to create a quick and seamless customer experience while also ensuring a perfectly cooked product, every time. Because V3 is a fast-casual pizzeria, customers are able to stay and enjoy their flatbreads or decide to them them to-go with out specially sized flatbread boxes.

"VICI", or "I conquered", means precisely what it says: conquering your flatbread pizza creation. Each and every individual topping and finish melts together to create the flavor rush that our customers experience with every bite. With impeccable quality, our pizzas will have you feeling more satisfied knowing you made the right decision. Hence, you have now "conquered" roads less traveled, and you can brag about your ultimate flatbread pizza experience.